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Mar 23, 2007

Do Jump, Hip Hop and Yoga

Brianna participates in programs available after school through SUN programs. It's been a really great thing in her life, giving her the opportunity to learn some Spanish, participate in Dance, and learn more about her body through a program called Do Jump!. Jen has also been volunteering with the SUN program by teaching Yoga.

Last night SUN had a performance night, and it was great. Prior to Jen or Brianna's classes there was a demonstration of Aikido, which is a martial art from Japan. Next was Capoeira, which is a really interesting martial art form from Brazil involving kicking and an instrument called a berimbau, which kind of looks like a bow with a gourd attached to it. Both were very interesting.

Next came Jen's class doing Yoga. They weren't able to get music going, but it doesn't make a ton of difference to the video because it didn't record sound anyhow. Here's the video of Jen's class:

I was so proud of what a great job Jen did!

Next was Brianna's Do Jump! class. This was so cute - the girl with Brianna was supposed to lay on Brianna's back so that they could make an elephant, but the poor little girl just couldn't get it figured out and Brianna kept sticking her butt up in the air - it was hilarious. Luckily the instructor jumped in there to help out.

Next was the Hip Hop Dance - where Brianna really shined. I know I'm prejudiced, but she really was the best up there. I love the effort she put into her moves.