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May 30, 2007

Creed Thoughts

Creed from the office has his own blog.

The disturbing thing is how much I agree with him. Pick pockets should wear muted colors. I've been saying that for years.

Oh yeah, Dwight has one too.

May 29, 2007

Man arrested and cuffed after using $2 bills

I can't believe the world has gotten this stupid.

Actually, yes I can.

Best line from the article: "It's a sign that we're all a little nervous in the post-9/11 world."

When you can't use $2 bills, the terrorists have already won.

26 Reasons What You Think is Right is Wrong

A great list of cognitive biases... gotta love 'em.


Jen did a whole lot of wakeboarding this weekend.

Pretty nifty, huh?

We went Saturday with my friends Russ & Bev. Russ is a really good wakeboarder and waterskiier.

May 27, 2007

Ubuntu wins a "100 Best Products of 2007" Award

I've been using Ubuntu for a while now and it's been working pretty good. Looks like some agree.

I've been using the same installation of Gentoo for the last couple of years, but it finally found its way into dependency hell a couple of weeks ago. All linux installations are destined for this fate, so it's a generally positive sign that Gentoo lasted so long.

Once I'd backed up all of the files I care about and got ready to reload it, I thought "hey, I hear a lot about this Ubuntu, and it's a quick install... why don't I give that a try?"

So far my general impressions are favorable. It's uses the apt package manager, like many debian-based systems, but it's also got a pretty cool gui package manager, with access to both "Ubuntu approved" apps and applications in general. It's also got a cool windowsy thing that tells you when packages have updates that need to be downloaded and applied.

One interesting thing is that you don't set up a root account. Whenever you need root privileges the system just prompts you to go into sudo by inputting your password. Also, so far I haven't touched a .conf file. It seems to have detected all of my settings just fine. At least to the extent that everything works.

Overall, my impressions are favorable. I plan on sticking with Ubuntu for now.


I used to play this game all the time - Lemmings! Enjoy.

May 26, 2007

Creationist Periodic Table of Elements

This is great.

Dirty Underwear Punching Bag

Dirty underwear punching bag may seem just like a series of words to you, but it's a real thing to Costco.

May 24, 2007

Velociraptor Attack

How susceptible are you and your family to velociraptor attack? If you can't answer that question, perhaps this website is a good resource for you. You can never be too safe.

May 22, 2007

It's not soccer, it's football

When I was a kid we had to play on a soccer field in th middle of nowhere, on the side of a hill, with a lake beneath it, and trees growing in center field.

Nerd Alert

Everybody knows I love linux. Apparently some government agencies agree with me, including the unfortunately named AASHTO

May 21, 2007


The pets of the Worth/Allen household held a meeting yesterday afternoon. I'm not sure what was on the agenda but Maybell looks pretty guilty and Vinnie's been strutting around like he owns the place.


The 4th annual Smithsonian photo contest. Of course, I'm partial to Oregon Storm.

May 20, 2007


Last night we went over to my friends Chris & Sara's house to celebrate Sara's birthday... Happy Birthday Sara!

Besides seeing some really great friends the kids had a chance to hang out with Chris & Sara's goats.

The goat in the forefront is Moose, the pretty goat. The other goat we can't remember the name of - Chris or Sara, a little help here?

The kids called it "Shy Goat".

May 16, 2007

Parents' Newsletter

Jen's been really involved in Brianna's school for quite some time. Tonight we went to a parent's night and I volunteered to put together the monthly newsletter for the school to improve communication, important upcoming events, stuff like that.

So, here's where I need your help...

The school has a really diverse population including speakers of Spanish, Vietnamese, and Somali. I need to know if anyone has any knowledge of free translation services for those languages. I'm not aware, but maybe you can help me Google?

Second thing, if you have access to any good templates I'd be really happy to see them.

Thanks in advance!

May 15, 2007

Slave I

Andrew built a ship for Boba Fett, the Slave I. The cool thing about this is how much it looks like Slave I given that he only used the legos he had lying around - there wasn't a kit or anything like that. The action figure actually fits inside of Slave I. Too cool.

May 13, 2007

The Boy and the Bear

I wanted to share the story that Andrew wrote recently. It ended up earning him a trip to a writing workshop at Portland State University in April. If the pics aren't big enough on your screen click the picture to get a better view.

May 12, 2007

Jen making Maybell pretty

Ego Surfing

Ego surfing my name yields interesting results.

A director of apparently not very good movies.

A voice professional from Australia. My name is his domain. Grrr.

An online opinion author.

This doesn't even include people whose name is made up of mine, such as David Worth Clark.

How about you?

May 10, 2007

Introducing Spike

Well, since Hammy left us so suddenly we decided that we really loved having a hamster in the house and to that end we now have a new member of the family, Spike.

Depending on who you talk to Spike was either named after Spike Lee or the bad gremlin in the movie Gremlins.

We almost named him Shadow - but the name proved too controversial when Brianna wanted to go with "Shadow" and Andrew was advocating for "Shadow Reith".

We all agreed that Spike was a good compromise.

May 7, 2007

More Elliott Smith News

Turns out a double album of Elliott's unreleased material is coming out tomorrow. This is of stuff he did a little bit earlier in his career, maybe around either/or at Jackpot studios. The article is okay, but gets some of the details a little fuzzy, like it talks about how he was influenced by Nick Drake even though he said he never heard of Nick Drake till he was already recording, etc.

There's a podcast about it here.

May 6, 2007

Elliott Smith on Wikipedia

Elliott Smith's article is today's featured article on Wikipedia. Everyone knows I'm a gigantic Elliott Smith fan and I was glad to see it up today. I even learned a couple new things.

May 4, 2007

Hammy Is Dead

Hammy, an Emmy-winning comic actor whose television characters ranged from the slow-witted Every-Hamster on "The Office" to a loved pet on the recent sitcom "Two and a Half Men" died today in his home in Brianna's room. He was 85 in hamster years.

He was honored with a brief but meaningful service almost immediately following the news of his death. He is buried in the front yard, near the fence, so that we don't accidentally dig him up.

We honor his short life with us today in pictures:

May 2, 2007

A Center for Entertainment

Last weekend Jen and I got a new entertainment center. The thing is ginormous.

The picture doesn't really capture it, but it takes up like a whole wall.

Now we just need stuff to fill it up.

Hammy's Plan for World Domination

It's finally happened. No longer satisfied to run around in his little ball Hammy has engaged in phase one of his plan for world domination.

At this point his vehicle of choice is a fifteen-year-old named Keaven. Sources say that this is an interim step. Eventually he plans to begin running around on a body-builder, just prior to the phase that Hammy is referring to as "control of many humans".