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May 27, 2007

Ubuntu wins a "100 Best Products of 2007" Award

I've been using Ubuntu for a while now and it's been working pretty good. Looks like some agree.

I've been using the same installation of Gentoo for the last couple of years, but it finally found its way into dependency hell a couple of weeks ago. All linux installations are destined for this fate, so it's a generally positive sign that Gentoo lasted so long.

Once I'd backed up all of the files I care about and got ready to reload it, I thought "hey, I hear a lot about this Ubuntu, and it's a quick install... why don't I give that a try?"

So far my general impressions are favorable. It's uses the apt package manager, like many debian-based systems, but it's also got a pretty cool gui package manager, with access to both "Ubuntu approved" apps and applications in general. It's also got a cool windowsy thing that tells you when packages have updates that need to be downloaded and applied.

One interesting thing is that you don't set up a root account. Whenever you need root privileges the system just prompts you to go into sudo by inputting your password. Also, so far I haven't touched a .conf file. It seems to have detected all of my settings just fine. At least to the extent that everything works.

Overall, my impressions are favorable. I plan on sticking with Ubuntu for now.