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Feb 24, 2013

Introducing Oh Boy!

I've published my first Android App, "Oh Boy", which you can find on the Google Play market. As I describe in the market:

This app does one job and one job only... it gives you a button that plays the words "Oh, boy" with as much weary derision as a person can legally muster. Optimum uses include:
  • Parties
  • Arguments with your significant other
  • A witty response to your parents
  • Opening an unwanted gift

The app is very simple and was really just a way for me to test writing an app, getting it working on different devices, and pushing it out to the market. I'll make a few enhancements to the app moving forward but my plan is to start working on a paid app soon. In the meantime, here's what you can do to help:
  1. If you know how to say "Oh Boy" in another language, let me know here in the comments. Think of it as the kind of "oh boy" you'd say after someone tells you a bad joke.
  2. If you have an android device, give my app a try, it's pretty fun!
  3. Tell other people about my app.
Thanks for your help - let me know what you think!

Oh Boy!

Get it on Google Play