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Jun 29, 2007

Potential cure for HIV discovered

This is pretty incredible. Click through below to read the article...

In a breakthrough that could potentially lead to a cure for HIV infection, scientists have discovered a way to remove the virus from infected cells, a study released Thursday said. The scientists engineered an enzyme which attacks the DNA of the HIV virus and cuts it out of the infected cell, according to the study published in...

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Jun 28, 2007

Laughing Baby

I dare you to watch this without laughing yourself.

Jun 26, 2007

My New Favorite Website

Today the Belkin Tunebase FM transmitter for my ipod died. Which sucks. This is no way for the world to be. It's not fair. I'm a good person. I deserve better.

Anyhow, as I googled around looking to see if it was something I could fix (it is not, by the way) I couldn't help but notice how many people have reviewed the Belkin Tunebase transmitter I have and hate it. Now that I've had a chance to think about to put a little thought into the whole situation, I've got to say... I hate it too! It's kind of been a POS. Staticy, annoying wierd at times, falling apart at other times. I appreciate the internet for helping me understand what I was feeling all along but just didn't have the sense to put together. Thank you, interweb!

This website in particular helped me put some perspective on it. It's my new favorite website.

And to replace my Belkin??? I'm trying a Griffin. I'll let ya know.

Jun 25, 2007

Jun 21, 2007

Bright Eyes - "First Day of My Life"

This is a great video.

Jun 18, 2007

Introducing Katylin Worth

I'm very late in sharing this, but I want to share with everyone my brand new niece Katylin.

She has quite a story of how she came into the world. My brother and his wife Kacie were on the way to the hospital with their family when Katylin decided to make her way into the world. Kacie ended up having the baby right on the side of the highway, and Dan did the delivering. Too crazy.

When Dan told me the story it was like it hadn't even happened to him. Like it was just something he had seen on TV. I kept telling him how brave I thought he was and he said I would have done the same thing if I were in his place. Thank god I'll never have to find out.

This is a great picture of Dan and Brynlee holding Katylin. I love ya, Dan! Congratulations!

Jun 17, 2007

Camping Report - Forlorn Lake

This weekend we went to a place called Forlorn Lake in Gifford Pinchot National Park, which is in Southwest Washington.

Here's the actual location if you're interested in trying it yourself. It's 32 on the map.

We went here with our neighbors, Dirk & Kristen, who are a really great couple who we met a few months ago, and are our neighbors. On the way to Forlorn Lake, we passed Goose Lake. Goose Lake is a larger and deeper lake which is stocked with fish. Where we camped, Forlorn Lake, is a shallow lake that isn't fished, but still has a great view.

We got in the first night and pretty much set up camp right away. We had a great dinner and met a little girl from Castle Rock Washington named Samantha who was in a campspace not too far from ours, along with her dad. She's the one below with the pink hat... too cute.

The first night was really cold (good thing I insisted we bring the winter coats, even though they took up a lot of room) but we enjoyed the fire and stayed up late talking.

The next day we went down to Goose Lake with Dirk & Kristen and their canoe. We walked down to the lake and Andrew had a chance to do a little bit of fishing for a while.

Brianna was a very brave girl and went on the canoe w/ Kai and Dirk.

It was a great day - but the rains started coming at around 1:30 or so and even though we picked up a ton of firewood on the way back to camp we soon learned that we could be either dry & cold in our tent or warm & wet by the fire, but not both warm & dry. I wasn't feeling well, so unfortunately we had to come home a night early.

One of the best things about the trip was that Maybell had plenty of room to run around and have fun, even if she had the occasional spat with Wasabi & Kuma (Dirk & Kristen's dogs). We got a muzzle for her, because she can be aggressive, especially around food, and that seemed like a great plan. She had the cance to run around and get tired out - she's actually still sleeping as I write this.

Things I need to remember from this trip:

1) Get air matresses - they make all the difference tent camping
2) Consider buying a raft... how fun would that be? (Jen wants a canoe, but I want a raft first)
3) Get back to Forlorn lakes soon, but not when it's raining & cold
4) The family needs thermals for camping

To see the full set of pictures, click here.

Jun 15, 2007

Goin' Campin'

We're going camping for the next few days at Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Kids will do some fishing - I'm bringing my guitar, and our neighbors will have their canoe.

We'll have smores.... mmmmm..... smores....

See ya Sunday!

Jun 13, 2007

Russian 'ninja' arrested in Italy

Be Careful for Ninjas!

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Jun 12, 2007


Originally uploaded by dave.worth
This is my view each morning - the two kids eating breakfast. Too cute.

Jun 11, 2007

Can you tell the difference between a fake smile and a real smile?

Jen and I were 15 for 20. How did you do?

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Jun 10, 2007

I Won Something

This weekend I entered a tournament in Salem for a game called the Settlers of Catan. I've been mildly obsessed with this game for the last year or so. My obsession became noticeably larger when I discovered the online version of the game.

Anyhow - in the final round it was me and my friend Chris going at it. We pretty much neutralized everyone else towards the beginning of the game. I thought Chris was going to take me down in the end but I held on and scored the victory and won the cash prize - $100! Not too shabby!

Jun 7, 2007

Microsoft did something cool

And by did, I mean but a company that did. Check out this video first. When you're done reeling with the possibilities check out the demo here. Photosynth is pretty incredible.

People who fidget are less likely to be obese.

I'm not the thinnest dude in the world, but maybe the thing standing between me and morbidity is my fidgeting....

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Jun 5, 2007

What would happen if the entire Chinese population jumped at once?

Don't get too excited.

The Pirate's Parrot

So my work is right next to where the Rose Festival is every year and from outside my building I've been watching this guy for the last couple of days. Although the website isn't very good I can vouch that the show is. It's really entertaining, the parrots do all of these tricks like taking laps around the crowd flying and doing all of these neat little tricks with the guy dressed like a parrot. I'm trying to figure a way to write this that doesn't sound sarcastic, but I really do enjoy the show.

Jun 4, 2007

Why do TV Adverts sound louder than the shows they interupt

The volume is the same, but they sound louder - and now the UK regulator is planning to try and even things out a bit. The deal is that the sound for the commercials is compressed. Basically, the quiet parts are louder, which makes the commercial overall louder. Blaring, to some ears (such as mine).

Speaking of, I use a utility to master my music tracks called LSAMP. It comes highly recommended, by me. It has a really great "console" feel for a digital product.

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Jun 3, 2007

Best Wikipedia category EVER

See for yourself. This reminded me tonight of something I haven't thought of in years. When I was in high school I competed in a category called "Extemporaneous Speech" which meant that you drew topics out of a hat, and whatever that topic was you would have half an hour to develop a five minute speech about it.

One of my competitors had a story about how the Soviet Union during WWII trained dogs to run under tanks with bombs strapped to their backs in an effort to turn back the German troops. What the soviets would do is strap raw meat under the tanks and then not feed them for days. The dogs learned that if they wanted to eat, the food was under the tanks.

The only problem was that when the Soviets finally started using the dogs in battle, the dogs could tell the difference between Soviet and German tanks. Since they had been trained using Soviet tanks, the dogs attacked the Soviets. My competitor would close his speech by saying "which, of course, is a classic example of a great idea blowing up in your face."

Which worked for any topic.

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