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Jun 3, 2007

Best Wikipedia category EVER

See for yourself. This reminded me tonight of something I haven't thought of in years. When I was in high school I competed in a category called "Extemporaneous Speech" which meant that you drew topics out of a hat, and whatever that topic was you would have half an hour to develop a five minute speech about it.

One of my competitors had a story about how the Soviet Union during WWII trained dogs to run under tanks with bombs strapped to their backs in an effort to turn back the German troops. What the soviets would do is strap raw meat under the tanks and then not feed them for days. The dogs learned that if they wanted to eat, the food was under the tanks.

The only problem was that when the Soviets finally started using the dogs in battle, the dogs could tell the difference between Soviet and German tanks. Since they had been trained using Soviet tanks, the dogs attacked the Soviets. My competitor would close his speech by saying "which, of course, is a classic example of a great idea blowing up in your face."

Which worked for any topic.

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