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Mar 8, 2007

Brianna and Hammy

Brianna and Hammy
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Today when I came home from work the first thing I heard - before I even saw anything - was Brianna saying "I got a hamster!!!"

She was so excited she didn't know what to do. Brianna and Jen adopted Hammy, who had four other names as well, from the Oregon Humane Society. This is the third pet that we've gotten from there.

This brings the total pet count to one dog (obnoxious), one cat (mafioso), a second cat (royalty), one fish (beautiful) and one hamster (yet to be determined, possibly OCD).

It was just great to see how excited Brianna was. We figure Andrew has a lizard coming to him. We're gonna have a jungle soon - and never be able to take vacations.

Anyone interested in house-sitting this summer?