A semi-daily chronicle of my life as a musician, a family man, and a citizen of Oregon.

Mar 7, 2007

Andrew's School Play

Andrew's school play was tonight. It was great, all about the history of Oregon. It was really special for him because he had the part of Clark (from Lewis & Clark). Not only did he have a chance to sing a solo, but he got to explore the Columbia River with Sacagewa. He did such a great job, we are really proud of him. As you can tell, he is a natural actor of the method school. To get this level of coldness he spent days outside playing basketball...

Andrew did a great job singing. He's really talented and has a natural ear for music.

Most exciting for Andrew? - He got to bring his toy gun to school. He called it a musket, which I suppose it was in this context.

I've got to include this because it's just classic Andrew. All of the drawings around this one say things like "Oregon's State Drink is Milk" and "Oregon's State Dance is the Square Dance".

Of course, Andrew takes it to a new level. Always.