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Mar 11, 2007

Disaster, Horror, Chaos and Redemption

Yesterday we made a planning excursion to Home Depot in search of the materials to repair our heating duct problem. While we have 9" ducting under our house, apparently such a thing does not exist because the person who helped us had "never even heard of such a thing. It just goes up from 8" to 10", that's how it works". Apparently the ducting in our crawl space is truly a relic. He suggested we call some place called "Custom Ducting".

This minor irritation aside, a great calamity befell our family yesterday. Far greater. Maybell, left to her own devices in our back yard destroyed Jen's garden. That's right, the garden that I wrote about just a few days ago. Gone. Destroyed. Jen took it really well, which was difficult because she had put a lot of work into it and was really proud of what she had done.

But Jen, god bless her, is undeterred. She has vowed to be resilient and that her garden will, like the very Phoenix that grows from the ashes, rise again. As we speak she is attempting to teach the dog which part of the yard is dog-digging territory and which part of the yard might threaten her very existence if she digs it up.

I'll post picks of the new replanted garden as soon as I have them.