A semi-daily chronicle of my life as a musician, a family man, and a citizen of Oregon.

Mar 4, 2007

A Day at the Park

So today we went to Mt Tabor park, which is across town from our house and somewhat famous because it has a huge reservoir there. A few years ago, right after 9/11 the city of Portland wanted to cover it over with a cap, but that was very unpopular because so many people enjoy the reservoir for recreation. As you can see, Jen was so moved that she used the zip line. It was quite a site.

In fact, Andrew had to join in as well. Good thing he had those rock-star fingerless gloves on. He also wears them when he plays guitar, or eats breakfast, or brushes his teeth, or whenever he does anything. I'm afraid of the bacteria that may be growing within them.

I've been retired from the world of merry-go-round for some time now, but I'm pleased to announce to my eager fans that my long hiatus is now over. I even pulled out the "lay on the bars" trick that you may have read about in USA Today and Newsweek.

Although I have temporarily returned to the limelight, I am now training my protege. Brianna, the merry-go-round queen of the future, likes for the merry-go-round to go *really* slow. And she likes to be on it by herself.

We all have to start somewhere. :)

For those of you who are maybe a little less technically savvy just wanted to let you know that you can click on the pictures and go to them on flickr, where you can also click on "all sizes" if you want to see big versions. Neat!