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Sep 13, 2007

Mom's Visit Part II

On Wednesday night of Mom's trip, August 8th, we went out to dinner at Newport Bay with Jen's grandparents, Harold and Beryl.  Jen's grandparents are really wonderful, sweet people and it was incredible for my mom to get a chance to meet them.

We found out some interesting things.  First off, Beryl also collects chickens and roosters.  In fact, her kitchen has chickens all around the borders and even has chicken curtains.   My mom also collects chickens, so there was quite a lively discussion on that subject.

Secondly, Beryl and my mom are both quilters.  I would love to elaborate on that subject, but not being a quilter myself that's about all I have to say about that.

Harold told a great story that Jen and I both heard for the first time that night.  Apparently when Harold first began courting Beryl he had a very long drive back to Corvallis when he was visiting Beryl, who lived in Mill City.  This gives you an idea:

Map image

Harold was attending pharmacy school at Oregon State University and Beryl was in secretarial school.  When Harold was in Mill City, he would spend the night at Beryl's parents' couch.  Harold said his feet were in the fishbowl.  Jen says if you saw how small their house was, this was literally true.  He also told the story about how he forgot his wallet on their first date and Beryl had to pay for the movie.  Too funny.

After dinner we got some great photographs.


We shared a lot of talking and laughing that night and it seemed like everyone had a great time.