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Sep 29, 2007

Florence Adventure - Woahink Lake Summer '07

From August 18th through the 23rd our family went on an adventure to Woahink Lake in Florence, Oregon, which is near the famous sand dunes.

Map image

We were staying for a week in a nice beach house we had rented with a bunch of our friends.  Our friend Russ brought his boat and the purpose of the trip was to water ski and wakeboard for Jen and the kids.  We had lots of fun.

While we there Andrew learned how to first waterski, then wakeboard.  Our friends Mike and Keavin helped Andrew get a feel for the waterskis and helped him get up & going.


sunan said...

is that your picture?thats wonderful~

Greg Murphy said...

I see from the picture that you stayed at the property we own on Woahink Lake!!! It was fun running into it on the internet!!
I wanted to let you know that since the Fall, we have taken over the duties of Property Management ourselves.
We hope that you will spread the word (if you enjoyed staying at our property on Woahink...which I'm sure you did)about our website to others who might enjoy staying there. The website is:
We hope to hear from you!!!
-Greg Murphy