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Sep 4, 2007

Jen's Triathalon

It seemed like August had as many days in it as could possibly fit in any month. We had a ton going on and I was too busy to even thinking about putting up all of the great pics we were accumulating and now the kids are starting school tomorrow and the summer (at least the fun part where you vacation all the time) is over.

I'm just going to write a little bit at a time since it'll take me so long to catch up. The first really big thing that happened actually was in July. On July 28th Jen ran her first beginner triathlon, the Luna All Women's Triathlon at Blue Lake, OR.

It was a 1/4 mile swim, 12.5 mile bike ride, and 5k run. Jen had a little bit of trouble with the swim - even though she had practiced in the lake once before it was a very long swim and it's a whole other thing to do it with 114 other people in the water with you.

One of the other racers was really great and she came over and helped Jen get oriented and on her way. That was great - definitely not something I think you'd see at a men's triathlon.

Once Jen was through the swimming part she really took off on the bike. She had the 55th fastest time (of 114) which was really impressive because she was using my mountain bike (as opposed to a street bike like most people had).

Even better, once Jen got to the run she really picked up the pace, coming in 31st of 114. When she got to Andrew he ran out into the trail to give her a high five, and she started skipping a little bit after that - you couldn't tell she was tired at all.

Brianna and Andrew both made signs for Jen. Brianna's said "You can do it, nothing to it" and Andrew's said "Mom, winner you are" with a Yoda picture on it, and a picture of Jen riding her bike, running, and swimming. Our friends Russ and Bev showed up to cheer Jen on along with Justin and Amy.

You can see all the stats yourself here. Overall the whole race took Jen 1 hour, 35 minutes and 47 seconds.

If I had done it, I would have taken 19 hours, 3 minutes, and 59 seconds. :)