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Nov 27, 2007

Yurt Camping at Fort Stevens

The weekend after thanksgiving we headed out to Fort Stevens (which is kind of by Astoria) to do some yurt camping.

Fort Stevens

For those of you unfamiliar with yurts they are the perfect winter camping setting, especially if you don't have a tent trailer yet like Jen and I.  They're nothing fancy, just a little hut with canvas walls, limited electricity and a little space heater but they are really really fun and a great way to get away with the family.  Our yurt looked like this -

Out of shot of the photograph to the right there's a little fire grate for if you want to do some outdoor cooking.  It was a little cold for that while we were there but we'll be making some fires in the future.

The yurts have a little skylight dome thing in the roof which is really cool and allows you to see the stars at night.

It was pretty cold at night and we ended up buying a second little space heater to stick in the corner, which was a great idea and much recommended for any potential winter yurt campers out there.

It was a very relaxing trip with plenty of time to read and hang out with the family.  Of course, we made our obligatory trip to the Astoria Aquatic Center which you must not judge by its super cheesy website.


While we were camping Jen taught Brianna to crochet and she's been making chains ever since.  Pretty soon she'll be making a pot-holder.