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Nov 4, 2007

Andrew's Birthday

Andrew's birthday is October 17th, and this year we celebrated with a party for his friends at Mt. Scott pool.  The pool is incredible - it's like the one we ritually go to in Astoria when we do the SOLV beach cleanup each fall.  It's got a huge twisty slide where you can go really fast, especially if you lie down real flat and point your arms down... well, you're just going to have to try it for yourself.  But when you do you'll agree that the slide is cool.

There's also a great current-thing where you can back-float and be pulled along in a channel and a really cool shallow area with tons of fun things for the littler kids.

  After the pool we headed over to Justin & Amy's house where we had a chance to hang out with Andrew's friends, have a little bit of food and open some presents.  It was weird because this was the first birthday where the boys weren't running around all nuts but were just more chill and trying to impress one another.  Strange change.

Andrew got his favorite- a chocolate ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.  I think ever since he became aware of these things he's asked for them on his birthday.

This year we got Andrew a new bike for his birthday.  It doesn't have shocks, but it does have pegs - and Andrew was lucky.  He even gave Brianna  a ride on the pegs.  :)