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Nov 5, 2007

My Trip to the Wind Farm

In October I had a chance to go on the best field trip ever, Biglow Wind Farm.  Biglow is one of a bunch of wind farms being built in Sherman County Oregon, which is about two hours or so from Portland.  I got to go because of my work.

One thing you can't overstate is just how overwhelmingly massive these things are.  There really isn't a way to appreciate it unless you're right up there next to it.  We had a chance to drive up to one that was still being constructed and you can kind of get an idea just in relation to the people around it.

The Turbines are amazing.  The blades of the turbine rotate to make optimal use of the wind for generation, both on the hub (the thing the blades are connected to) and the base.  They are able to make up to 3 full 360 degree rotations before they need to unwrap the internal cables by turning back to their neutral position.  They are over 20 stories high and when those huge blades turn they're moving up to 130 mph at the tip.  I took this video which can give you kind of an inkling...

I got this picture of looking into the tower of a wind turbine while it was on the ground.  The ladder is held onto the side of the tower by strong magnets.

These things are just too cool...

And of course, the beautiful view of Mt. Hood.

If you're interested in the full set you can find it here.