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Apr 23, 2008

Vegas Redux

So, yes indeed, here I find myself again, in Las Vegas Nevada. Long time readers, both of you, will remember my feelings on this place during my last trip. I'm pleased, in a self-satisfied and rueful kind of way, to see that not much has changed.

Las Vegas is simply an abomination - a place that should not be. It's built in the middle of a desert. It consumes more of *everything* than is really feasible over the long term. Everything has this papier-mache and airbrush quality to it that reeks of a combination of trying too hard and impermanence.

That said, it's a lot better to be here with Jen than it was to be on my own last time. And, as the saying goes, when in Rome do as the Romans do. So last night after the obligatory conference "networking time" (free drinks to get the social lubrication going) we headed out to Diego, which is a Mexican restaurant in the MGM Grand pleasure compound where we're staying. It was very good and we had probably the best waiter I've had in recent memory. It was also reasonably priced compared to other meals I've had in Vegas.

Tonight we'll be grabbing dinner out again and then heading off to the Cirque du Soleil performance Ka, which one of about five shows they have here. We're really excited about the show and from there it's bim-bam-bing back to the airport and on our way home. I have Thursday and Friday off from work which should give me some time to resolve at least some of our afore-mentioned trailer issues and hopefully get some recording or something done.