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Apr 2, 2008

Tent Trailer

A few weeks ago Jen and I bought a new tent trailer.  I bought it from someone I work with so it's nice to know the previous owner.

It is bad ass.

It's also fairly big - 16' folded up.

It's got a heater, a stove, a sink, a shower, a bathroom, all that stuff.  The biggest challenge is getting it into my driveway since we live in the city and have a lot of cars on our street.  My neighbor gave me a hand so we proved that it's possible to get in there, it'll just take some practice to do it regularly.

Jen, being the wonderful person she is, has already cleaned it all out and it's looking great.  As I'm learning more about it I'm becoming less intimidated about all of the different systems for water, electric, & propane.  We plugged the electrical in a few days ago and the refrigerator is working great.

We'll be taking it on it's maiden voyage this weekend at Fort Stevens in Astoria, OR.  I can't wait.


Aaron said...

I remember when my parents bought a tent trailer. It was back around 1986, I think, and they were about the same age as you and Jen. Looking back at it now, that was the moment when they jumped the shark into middle-aged gooberdom.

So have fun with the new trailer, but be on the lookout for any gooberish tendencies (like wearing socks and sandals, or clipping a cell phone on your belt, both of which my father started doing after the tent trailer purchase.).

./dave said...

... looks down at the blackberry on his belt... :O