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Apr 25, 2008

Brianna's Birthday

This year we celebrated Brianna's birthday party on April 12th, the day before Brianna's birthday.  Brianna wanted a Hawaiian birthday at the house, so that's what we did.  She had a bunch of friends over and they played for a good part of the afternoon.  Jasmine and Paige spent the night and although we did have a tiny smidge of little girl drama it was a good time for everyone.

Jen made the birthday cake and decorated it with real flowers from our garden.


For activities we had the limbo...

And a hula-hoop contest, which Jasmine won...

And a piñata to top it all off.

Of course, Brianna got way too many presents...

After all that we just kind of played in the yards. 

To top the whole weekend off we went canoeing on the next day, which was Brianna's actual birthday, on the Columbia slough.  This was our maiden voyage on the canoe (which was far more successful than the maiden voyage of the tent trailer) and we had the coolest experience.  Brianna's favorite animal is the turtle, and we were really fortunate to spy a little turtle sunning himself in the middle of the slough.  Because we were in a quiet canoe we could get right up next to him.  Brianna named him Shilo, because he's shy and he's low to the ground.