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Feb 2, 2008

So I did it...

For probably the first time in my life I've run two miles in a row. The rest of the distance was warm-up or cool-down walking.


Aaron said...

Congrats on hitting the two-miles. Pretty soon you'll be able to just out-run Tri-Met (actually, you could probably do that now).

Based on your recommendation, I started using this same program last week and finished Week One yesterday. The podcast is dandy. The music, while not my first choice for everyday listening, is actually perfect for running - i.e. forgettable. After all, it's not like I want to listen to, say, Peter, Paul & Mary while I'm trying to exercise.

I've been using a treadmill at the gym, but I see you're running on the streets. How are your knees and back feeling?

./dave said...

Way to go, Aaron, and I'm glad that you find the podcast as blandly time passing as I do. :) Absolutely agree with you - the point for me is to just zone out and contemplate, not to pay close attention to much of anything.

I really like that coolrunning.com as a resource - the most helpful things I've read there are how to have correct posture when you run, and keep your hands about at waist level, with the neck, shoulders, and hands relaxed. It also had great advice about the whole breathing aspect, which I was really worried about - their advice was to just breathe. Your body will figure out what it has to do without you worrying too much about it. When I get side cramps I just try to breathe out fully, getting rid of all the air in my lungs.

In terms of back and knees I've been fine - no problems. The only issue I've had is the bruised foot but that seems to be going away at this point too.

How're you holding up?

Aaron said...

Hell, like I said, I'm using a treadmill which takes a lot of strain off the knees/back. Guess I'm just paranoid of running for too long on concrete after seeing my former-marathon-runner of a stepdad endure multiple surgeries on those body parts.

I found week one to be fairly easy, actually, the only strain coming because I've been out of the game for so long. Problem is, the gym's been shuttered for a few days because of the Lunar New Year holiday in these parts, so tomorrow - provided all's back to normal - will be my first chance to crank up week two, and I'm looking forward to it. I've never been much on running before, but I suspect that my attitude had a lot to do with not having a sense of how to work into the rhythm.

As for you, though: now that you're reaching a relative level of competence on the flight part of "fight-or-flight," where do you go now? What's next?