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Dec 10, 2007

Portland - Officially Scarf Crazy

Since I take trimet in to work every morning, the cold weather has me taking reasonable precautions.  I've been wearing a cashmere scarf that was a gift from my boss (best boss ever) and a warm Carhart hat along with my lined North Face jacket.

Sometimes when you're on the train you have time to think.  Tonight was one of those nights and I did an observational survey of the train to notice the remarkable penetration of scarves in the winter clothing market among train commuters.  It's incredible.  All kinds of different scarves are represented - striped ones a la Harry Potter, Fuzzy girly scarves, orange scarves matching the orange jackets they were paired with, funky argyle, hipster Portland indie.

I noticed that there were as many men wearing scarves on the bus as women, which for whatever reason I was surprised by.  It's interesting the different ways that men wear scarves.There's the once-around forward over-jacket:

Then there's the once-around forward under jacket (my personal preference)

There's the let it hang:

There's the once-around double-back:

And finally, there's always the front & back:

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