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Apr 1, 2007

Brianna's First Sleep Over

Last Wednesday Jen organized Brianna's first sleep over with some of her friends. It was a "girl's night" slash "sleep over". A couple of Jen's friends, who are also the moms of the girls, came over too. Click on any of the pictures to see the full flickr set.

The very first thing they did was watch Princess Diaries.

After the movie, the ladies did "Hair Time" - braiding, brushing, and twirling each other's hair.

After that came beauty masks.

And then, sleepy time. Even though they didn't sleep too much. Here's a picture of the girls waking up (except for Brianna).

In the morning the moms came back over for manicures.

Where was I during all this? Well, I worked late... then I went to the gym... then I came home late... then I read the newspaper... then I worked on the website... then I tried to sleep....