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May 3, 2008

Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers

Jen told me I should check out this book because it was part of her reading for her Masters of Social Work program.  Sapolsky is an entertaining and fun author and the book breaks down the scientific and physiological aspects of stress response in a way that is easily understood for people like me who don't know much about the subject.  I actually kind of understand neurotransmitters now - I'm dangerous.

Something you should know before embarking on this book, though, is that it's mostly 300+ pages of why stress is bad for you, in a lot of detail.  During the book Sapolsky often refers to the final chapter in which he will give some tips on what can be done to cope effectively with stress.  When you get there, though, it really isn't very empowering.  Most of the tips come with caveats and qualifications and frankly the chapter is a drop in the bucket of bad news you've been reading up to that point.  So you should just know that going in.