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Oct 25, 2008

Continued Bathroom Humor

I've posted a couple of times about the need that people feel at my work to post signs in the bathroom.  The seem to do so in a sisyphian attempt to reason with people who piss on the floor, convinced that people who partake in such actions do so not because of their inherent laziness or possible incompetence at the task, but because of some sort of belief system they hold in which this is a desirable behavior.

Well, just like Sisyphus himself, it looks like this activity may indeed go on for all eternity.  Here's the latest edition of the bathroom times:

Note the brave editorial decision to capitalize words beginning with the letter U intermittently.  Keeping us on our toes, and therefore touching less piss.

It is worth noting that after I took this picture someone wrote after the bullet "It is not only Uncivilized (sic) but also very Unhealthy (sic again) for the rest of us to walk on urine" the words "Blatantly untrue".  This last comment leads me to believe that despite my previous arguments it may indeed be true that there are people who pee on the floor because they think it's a great idea.  Weird.  Notice, however, their lack of motivation to post signs advocating their position.  When you're in the majority, as the bathroom floor pee-ers are, you take for granted your convictions.