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Oct 23, 2007

Noise-Canceling Headphones

As I've been riding the bus & MAX back and forth to work I've been using the regular old headphones that came with my Nano and I've been thinking about how loud I have to turn up the volume to hear it over the bus & train.  I started to think about it and I got concerned because if I went deaf it would be like the worst thing ever for me.  Like if someone who loves art went blind.  It would literally be crushing.

So I started to think about it and I decided that I should get some noise-canceling earphones.  Bose makes some, but they're like $100.  So I was at Fry's this weekend and saw these puppies for only $20 and I've got to say- they're awesome!  They're basically earplugs and headphones all in one.  The fidelity is great - you can hear tons of detail in the music and best of all the iPod volume is only on 30-35%.  Love it.